GreenLights is a free, unique, lighting energy audit tool that for small businesses, religious institutions, apartment buildings, schools, etc., to do their own lighting survey.

GreenLights fills an important need for a simple, yet elegant program to identify lighting costs and plan cost reductions without sacrificing a facility’s lighting quality. GreenLights speeds data entry, clearly identifies current costs, and aids rapid development of a new lighting management plan.

Made for laptop use, GreenLights goes with a user as they walk through their building. It is wholly self contained and does not need an Internet connection to operate. GreenLights system is fully functional with has five, full example records. The ReadMe file gives setup details.

Major Features

  • Ballast wattage
  • Breakeven time for new fixtures
  • Bulb style identification chart
  • Calculates a building’s total annual lighting cost
  • Calculates current, annual electric and bulb costs by fixture
  • Collects data by user defined areas and locations
  • Includes new fixture installation and operating costs
  • Predefined major fixtures, bulb types and styles
  • redefined reports with MS Excel export of all fields
  • Rapidly models proposed changes
  • Supports multiple rate classes with a weighted average rate calculator
  • System set up walks user through bulb choices, areas, and defaults
  • User defined defaults for switch type, bulb style and type

Download GreenLights System

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