Computer Consulting

SilverSoft, Inc. is a computer consulting firm in Washington, DC. For over thirty years, it has provided system design and development as well as project management services to both federal and private organizations. These engagements included several life cycle projects from concept to roll out. Projects ranged from interactive TV satellite broadcasts to multifamily housing inspections, support for professional organizations, specialized consulting practices, and nonprofits. Typically, these projects included:

  • Budgets, revenue and work plans
  • Build – buy analysis
  • User requirements and use cases,
  • Rapid development techniques
  • User acceptance and system testing.
  • Training and user Support.
  • Website development.

Federal government clients were, for example, the departments of: Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Community Development, Transportation and State.

Private sector clients included AARP, Clowery Consulting, Horst Frisch, an international economics consulting firm, Johns Hopkins University, Kaiser Permanente, the Washington Hospital Center, the National Jewish Democratic Council, and Western Presbyterian Church.

Development projects examples are:

  • EHRSelector, an interactive, objective tool for selecting and comparing electronic medical record systems.
  • GreenLights, a free, lighting energy survey system,
  • Interfaith Action for Human Rights 
  • TranSecure, an international, corporate travel safety site
  • Horst Frisch Corporate web site
SilverSoft, Inc.
1301 Geranium St NW Washington, DC 20012
202 291 8212 eMail:

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